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Updated: Feb 12, 2021


Rihanna and Alicia Keys lean on her for her creative fitness celebrity trainer, Ary Nunez!

“I love culture, health and fitness. We’re hotter when we’re healthier.”

Ary Nunez is a martial arts fitness trainer. Her company, Gotham Global Fitness is located in New York. She has a program called Latina’s Losing Libras with the purpose of transformational workouts. It was featured on MTV3 on Empuje. Please visit her if you’re in the NY area for Peloton Cycle. This is a fun, no impact spin bike class that gets the heart pumping. It’s offered in Spanish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30pm located at 140 West 23rd Street New York City.

Visit her site:

CGR: You’re from the Dominican Republic. Tell us about your Caribbean Latina heritage and how that has made you the person you are.

Ary: We have so much in our background. I’m a product of Dominican, Haitian, English and Italian…Caribbean colonialism. I’m from Brooklyn, raised in Manhattan. My family comes from a long history of stories aspiring to be better; not being served equally, so we get up and go with education. I was very involved, as a child, in piano, ballet, karate and spelling bees. My father gave us the opportunity to be diverse. He died when I was young and my mother raised us (3 girls, one boy) in a very Christian household.

CGR: You’ve trained lots of celebrities, including the beautiful Rihanna. Can you share her favorite workout?

Ary: I learned about Rihanna in 2005 at a Nike Global event wherein I shared “what women need” as an influencer and athlete.  I started training Rihanna years later.  The day I got a call from her manager asking me to join Rihanna on the road, I dropped everything and never looked back.  Rihanna likes everything and she loves to kick.  Artists get bored, so every workout has to be different. Training an artist can be very specific, depending on what they are preparing for.. stage? Film? Video? Runway?

CGR: How did you get into fitness?

Ary: I studied English, Theatre, Dance, Fashion Design  and Psychology and double majored  In English and Psychology, but I’ve been involved with martial arts since I was 5 years old where I learned “I say, I do, I am” which is tattooed on my arm. I was raised with integrity and hard work. I love every martial art and dance, yet my favorite is KUNG FU.  I worked for a cruise line in event marketing and public relations. The company relocated and I took the severance package. In the meantime, I noticed that something was missing in aerobics and so I created my own class called Gotham Box in 1999 which made the Best of New York 2000 the infamous New York magazine.

CGR: What is Cosmo Body?

Ary: It’s like the Netflix of fitness. We have 8 trainers sharing everything from lifestyle advice to how to move your booty and how to girlfight.

CGR: Tell us about your personal workout routine.

Ary: I do several martial arts from around the world including: Karate (Japan), Tae Kwon Do (Korea), Kung Fu (Chinese), Tai Chi (Chinese), Capoeira (Brazil), Mau Thai (Thailand), Krav Maga (Israel). My favorite is Kung Fu. I still want to look like a girl so I don’t want to train to be a body builder. I strength train, I row, I dance,  I fight and I #PelotonCycle. Cycling is an endurance sport that burns calories and trains your cardiovascular system to evolve.

CGR: You’ve traveled a lot. Tell us about the best places you’ve visited.

Ary: I loved every place for what they were. Loved Thailand, Korea, Uruguay. I’d live in London. But, there’s nothing like DR and our mango trees!

CGR:  Talking about mangos, what’s your favorite healthy food?

Ary: Ezekiel Bread, avocados and juicing. But, I love plantains….my favorite, favorite thing to eat!

CGR: Getting back to fitness, what is the most important thing that women of various backgrounds, ethnicities, etc… need to know about achieving their fitness goals?

Ary: Time…find at least 20 minute EVERY day. The body is complicated but connected. Some great exercises are power walking, jumping rope, push-ups, squats and walk sits. The more you do it, the more it becomes a habit. Make time for yourself!




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