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"I embrace my heritage and what Caribbean people represent."

CGR: Tell us about your inspiration for your designs.

Kristin: Being born and raised on a Caribbean island is enough inspiration to last for quite a few collections so the entire lifestyle of the Caribbean as well as my travels to Europe, South America and the US has also influenced some of my collections.

CGR: How did you become trained in fashion design?

Kristin: I have been sewing from a very early age and knew that I had talents in other fields of interest so it was either Musical Theatre and the Arts or any area of Fashion Design. I fell in love with both but concentrated on fashion going into my senior year of high school and college.

CGR: What's it like being from a small town, with big do you make it happen?

Kristin: My country, Tortola, is the biggest island within the British Virgin Islands and it houses close to 30,000.00 people. We are just a “dot” on the map but my mind and aspirations were always bigger than my island. I had one determination to succeed and to work for what I wanted. I failed many times but used that energy to fuel my fire. God has blessed me and I am thankful for that.

CGR: So Beyonce and Blue Ivy wore some of your lovely designs! Tell us about what that feels like for you.

Kristin: LOL Yes both mother and daughter wore my designs. It was a beautiful Sunday morning when my phone flooded with texts, emails and social media buzz about questions regarding Beyoncé wearing my swimsuit. When I viewed the image for myself, I happily confirmed and immediately thanked God in that moment. Knowing of Blue Ivy wearing my swimsuit from before was exciting news so when the Beyoncé news broke, it was like a double win and a great start for my company in terms of celebrity sightings. I'm still overjoyed because its an experience unlike any other at this time and it has made me even more driven, humble but confident in my future collections ahead. I’m just amazed because I never thought I would do a kids line so soon but I had a dream in 2013 that I launched a kids line and when I woke up, I decided to go for it. Trefle284 was simple but tied in to my background, hence 284 is the area code of my country and numbers are always fun for kids. Beyonce is one of the best, if not the best, singers of all time and to know that she could have worn any other swimwear company during her 33rd birthday celebrations is like dropping a rock into the ocean and finding it; but she wore my mixed print pleated high waist bottom and I was just as surprised as everyone else when she posted it on social media. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Blue Ivy was just as adorable in her two-piece as well and I can’t stop looking at her in all the pictures of her on the beach. They truly made me happy and I hope to have them and other celebrities wear my designs in the near future. I'm excited about who will wear my new collection in 2015!

CGR: Now let's talk about Kristin on a more personal note...can we ask, what is your favorite thing to do when you're not in business mode?

Kristin: I LOVE singing and being animated in acting. It definitely would have been my 2nd aspiration if fashion didn’t work out. Making everyone laugh and creating beautiful memories to last a lifetime is my source of strength.

CGR: Favorite foods?

Kristin: OMG I LOVE Shrimp Alfredo! That and a nice bowl of apple pie with vanilla bean ice-cream to end the night is a little slice of heaven.

CGR: How does your Caribbean culture contribute to you as a person and to your style?

Kristin: I embrace my heritage and what Caribbean people represent. Our past does not predict our future. We write the future and with our strong characteristics as a people, the will and determination to want better, be better and do better is something that I hold dear. I love my Caribbean people and my style and designs reflect just that.

CGR: Who would you like to collaborate with/design for in the future?

Kristin: I can’t choose just one so I will choose by category. Couture would be Carolina Herrera. I interned for them in my senior year and said to myself, if I get accepted as their intern, all bags will be packed and I’ll be moving to NYC and that I did. In terms of the Caribbean, I LOVE Robert Young from the Cloth. He is such a naturalist and spiritualist type of guy. I have several pieces of his work and it would be an honor to work with him. UK designer with Jamaican descent is Romero Bryan of the ROMERO BRYAN brand. His couture speaks volumes and he has been such an inspiration to me after meeting him in the Cayman Islands in April 2013

CGR: What's up next on the agenda for Trefle designs?

Kristin: I’m so excited to launch my new collection for 2015 called Atacama. Atacama is the driest desert in the world in South America but yet it blooms beautiful flowers and actually snows! So the collection is a rebirth of me, my company and a mix of “old & new”.

Kristin C. Frazer is a Designer/Director with Trefle Designs based in the British Virgin Islands

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