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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Rihanna and Alicia Keys lean on her for her creative fitness expertise...meet celebrity trainer, Ary Nunez! “I love culture, health and fitness. We’re hotter when we’re healthier.” Ary Nunez is a martial arts fitness trainer. Her company, Gotham Global Fitness is located in New York. She has a program called Latina’s Losing Libras with the purpose of transformational workouts. It was featured on MTV3 on Empuje. Please visit her if you’re in the NY area for

Ready, Set, Travel!

JAMAICA "There’s a special kind of pride and confidence that comes from growing up in this part of the world. Sure, the region has beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, but so do many other places. Caribbean people, however, are unique and inimitable."  --JetSetSarah CGR: When/How did you fall in love with writing? JetSetSarah: I was a big reader as a child and still am, and I think my love of writing comes from that. How amazing is it that mere words can transport you t

Jewelry Designer, Shanti

GRENADA Colorful, vibrant and cultural describes Aye Shanti and her unique jewelry. CGR: Who is Aye Shanti Designs? Aye Shanti: I’m Shanti and I’m the creator of Aye Shanti Designs. I’ve been artistic from the age of ten and started creating jewelry, stationery and mixed media art on a larger scale since 2008. CGR: How long have you been creating pieces? Aye Shanti: I’ve been creating pieces since 2008 CGR: Do you have any formal training in design? Aye Shanti: I’m partly sel

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