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Jewelry Designer, Shanti

GRENADA Colorful, vibrant and cultural describes Aye Shanti and her unique jewelry. CGR: Who is Aye Shanti Designs? Aye Shanti: I’m Shanti and I’m the creator of Aye Shanti Designs. I’ve been artistic from the age of ten and started creating jewelry, stationery and mixed media art on a larger scale since 2008. CGR: How long have you been creating pieces? Aye Shanti: I’ve been creating pieces since 2008 CGR: Do you have any formal training in design? Aye Shanti: I’m partly sel

Favorite Things!

The Caribbean Girls Rock team compiled a list of a few favorite places to shop. All of the stores are owned and operated by Caribbean women. Island Kissez  - handmade body products, scrubs and soaps VI Bush Tea - fine home-grown herbal teas Tyler J Creations - handmade beaded wooden jewelry V V Glitz N Glam - handcrafted designer of carnival boots 300MF - handmade

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